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Aqueous Solutions
Aqueous Solutions is a consortium of research scientists, field engineers, and ecological designers working to promote livelihood security, environmental and economic sustainability, and local self-reliance through ecological design and appropriate technologies in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). They conduct field and laboratory research on decentralized, small-scale water treatment and ecological sanitation systems. They also provide technical consulting and project management services for sustainable WASH infrastructure development in collaboration with rural/remote, indigenous, and politically and economically marginalized communities in SE Asia. The video and print resources available at are intended to:

  1. summarize current results of collaborative field and laboratory research pertaining to the use of traditional kiln charcoals and gasifier chars in decentralized water treatment that targets SOCs
  2. provide instructional materials for construction and operation of small- and intermediate- scale gasifier char production units using local materials
  3. provide instructional materials for integration of biochar filtration into a multi-barrier small- and intermediate- scale water treatment systems constructed from inexpensive and widely available materials

Biochar Farms – Biochar Farms was established to provide practical, accessible, and objective information about biochar production and its application to soils. The potential benefits of biochar production are high – particularly in terms of mitigating climate change, improving soil quality, and producing renewable carbon-negative energy.

The Biochar Website

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)

Canadian Biochar Initiative

Cornell University – Renewable Bioenergy Initiative
Biochar Soil Management

Flux Farm Scientific Research

Haiti Biochar Initiative

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) provides for the international exchange of information and activities in support of biochar research, development, demonstration and commercialization. It advocates biochar research and applications around the world.

Iowa State University

Massey University, New Zealand Biochar Research Center

Michigan Biochar

New Zealand Biochar Network

North American Biochar Conference 2008

Northeast Carbon Negative Network

Ohio State University, Carbon Management and Sequestration Center

Pacific North West Biochar

Pro-Natura International

REAP Canada

Rice University Biochar Group

Rice University, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

The Rodale Institute

Seattle Biochar Working Group (SeaChar)

The STEPS Centre

The Terra Preta Biochar Discussion List – Exploring the use of biochar (charcoal from biomass) to improve soils. Information on biochar properties, plants, soils, gardening, biochar production, etc.

UK Biochar Research Center (UKBRC)

University of Adelaide, Australia

University of Florida

  1. Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    Dept. of Geological Sciences

University of Georgia, Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

U.S. Biochar Initiative – A non-profit organization promoting the sustainable production and use of biochar through, research, policy, and technology.

USDA Soil Tilth Laboratory